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RAW: Police commissioner greets people near bomb site

CBS 5 News crew in Boston captured this video of the police commissioner walking down the street near the Boston Marathon bomb site.  (04/17/2013) More>>

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Boston bombers' mother: My kids didn't do it

Mother of Boston bombing suspects claims her sons had nothing to do with the bombing. (4/23/2013) More>>

Watertown boat owner speaks out

A Massachusetts man says it was obsession with his boat, not a blood trail that led him to discover the surviving suspect in the Boston marathon bombings. (4/24/2013) More>>

Raw video

Infrared images of Boston bombing suspect in hiding

A Massachusetts State Police helicopter's infrared camera captures Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev hiding in a boat in Watertown Friday night. More>>

Take a look at the criminal complaint against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.



'Turn yourself in, ask for forgiveness,' uncle says

The Boston bombing suspect's uncle says his nephew has shamed the entire Chechnyan ethnicity. (4/19/13) More>>

Caught on Camera

Raw: Boston-area gunfight heard on video

A night of mayhem included this exchange between police and men believed to be the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. (4/19/13) More>>

Read release from FBI: No Arrest Made in Bombing Investigation


No Arrest Made in Bombing Investigation More>>

Due to high volume, Safe and Well is experiencing slow page loads at this time. More>>

Raw: Sights and sounds of chaos at Boston Marathon

Raw: Sights and sounds of chaos at Boston Marathon (4/16/13)

MARTA is asking employees and customers to be vigilant


In response to the explosions in Boston, MARTA is heightening security on the transit system. More>>


Two explosions shattered the finish of the Boston Marathon on Monday, sending authorities out on the course to carry away the injured. More>>

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