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Tropical Weather Center

2017 Storm Names

Arlene Bret Cindy Don
Emily Franklin Gert Harvey
Irma Jose Katia Lee
Maria Nate Ophelia Philippe
Rina Sean Tammy Vince

Tropical Terms

Tropical Depression
Tropical cyclone with winds less than 39 mph.
Tropical Storm
Tropical cyclone with winds between 39-73 mph.
Tropical cyclone with winds of at least 74 mph.

Hurricane Wind Scale

Category 1 74-95 mph
Category 2 96-110 mph
Category 3 (Major) 111-129 mph
Category 4 (Major) 130-156 mph
Category 5 (Major) 157 mph and higher

Latest Stories

Hurricane season expected to be above average
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be above average in the Atlantic Ocean.

This Season

Actual Avg. Outlook
Storms: 6 12 14-19
Hurricanes: 1 6 5-9
Major: 0 3 2-5