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CBS46 HD Interactive Radar

How it Works


You control the data displayed on radar. Just check, or uncheck a box to show and hide different types of data.


Click anywhere in North Georgia to zoom into a closer view. You can always return to the wider North Georgia view by selecting the "HOME" button at the top-right side of the radar.


Tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings are automatically shown on the radar.


Displays cloud-to-ground lightning strikes within the past 5 minutes.


Displays hail size detected within a storm.

Once hail reaches 1 inch in diameter (the size of a quarter), the storm is considered severe and a "1" will appear in the white circle.


Rotation is indicated by a swirl icon. Rotation does not mean that a tornado has developed. Storms often rotate without producing tornadoes. However, the longer the rotation in a storm, the higher the chance that it could produce some kind of severe weather or tornado.


Intense rotation is indicated by a pink arrow and indicates strong, low-level rotation. The chance of a developing tornado increases and a tornado warning will likely be issued.


The tracker button will show a storm track (in the form of arrows) over every strong storm.

The line extending from the storm will point in the direction the storm is moving. The end of the line shows you were the storm should be within an hour.


Activate an advanced feature that will allow you to see freezing rain, sleet and snow on radar.

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