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Super Bowl ticket prices down and could drop even more

Looking for a ticket to Super Bowl 51 in Houston on Feb. 5?


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Test your Super Bowl knowledge


Anyone can watch the game, but it takes a real football fan to remember obscure events that happened during the game. Test your knowledge of prior Super Bowls in the quiz above. 


Joe Montana, Joe Greene and Emmitt Smith are among the 22 Pro Football Hall of Famers voted to the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team.


Check out the results from all 49 previous Super Bowls along with the Most Valuable Players from each game.


Beyonce is returning to the Super Bowl halftime show. Pepsi confirmed to The Associated Press on Thursday that the 34-year-old singer will perform.


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The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will face off in Santa Clara, Calif. on February 7, you can keep up with Super Bowl 50 here.

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