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Watch the Big Brother houseguests on Summer vacation

As with any great vacation, the Houseguests will start their summer of fun in an ultra-modern air terminal/living room where a “Departures” sign lists the exotic destinations featured throughout the house. The air travel theme continues in the kitchen, with an island built from the cowling of a 727 jet engine, and souvenir-themed plates, glasses and snow globes. In an African safari-themed room, Houseguests can lounge inside a “glamping tent,” then “travel” to the bustling Shibuya section of Tokyo with its pop-art graphic mural and neon signs, and to London with its cobblestone floor and Union Jack fabric in the bedrooms.

More than a few twists to come!

“It’s going to be 99 days of twists and turns, with a few secrets along the way. But we’re most looking forward to those moments that even surprise us...because it wouldn’t be BIG BROTHER without unexpected ‘showmances,’ meltdowns and blindsides.”

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