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  1. Fliers backing 'pizzagate' theory appear in DC neighborhood

    …Fliers backing 'pizzagate' theory appear in DC neighborhood…… the so-called "pizzagate" conspiracy theory is real. NBC4 Washington reported Sunday that the fliers……-called "pizzagate" conspiracy theory is real. …

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  2. NYC mayor's "pizzagate" could mean real dough for charity

    …NYC mayor's "pizzagate" could mean real dough for charity…… Wednesday. Dubbed by some with tongues firmly in cheek as the new mayor's "pizzagate," the ensuing…

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  3. Trump retweets videos purporting to show violence by Muslims

    … attention to "pizzagate," an unfounded conspiracy theory that claims Democrats harbor child sex slaves at a…

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  4. How a joke, and Mike Cernovich, got Sam Seder booted from MSNBC

    … behind "Pizzagate," a bogus conspiracy theory that claimed key members of the Hillary Clinton campaign…

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  5. Hillary Clinton takes jab at Michael Flynn after he resigns

    … reference to #Pizzagate, a debunked conspiracy theory that alleged Clinton and her campaign ran a child…

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