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Nonprofit Group Not Licensed By State 3-01-2010

By Adam Murphy, CBS Atlanta Consumer Investigator
ATLANTAJames Pitts complained to CBS Atlanta News about what he calls poor workmanship on the part of Southeast Energy Assistance in Atlanta.
"The siding is bowed out, there's holes in the siding, there's also cut out of the siding," said Pitts.
He said the nonprofit group winterized his late mother's home and few years ago, but the work was sub par.
"My concern now is what other senior citizens are in the same situation as my late mother's home," said Pitts.
CBS Atlanta began investigating SEA, and we found out that even though they are doing contracting work, they are not licensed by the state. The Secretary of State's Office said they need a license to perform some of the jobs they've listed on their Website like repairing or replacing faucets and toilets.
"Was it a matter of just not knowing you needed a license?" asked CBS Atlanta Reporter Adam Murphy. "Well, I think it's a question of whether we are within the statute, and what we are doing now is confirming that we are not within the statute," said Larry Dingle with Southeast Energy Assistance.
Dingle said the organization has been around for 27 years and has never been asked to obtain a license since most of their work is performed by licensed subcontractors.
"There is a statutory provision for limited specialty contractors and it is our belief and understanding that we fall within the category of specialty limited services that do not require a general contracting license," said Dingle.
The Secretary of State's Office told CBS Atlanta that SEA was required to get a license after the state established a contractors licensing board in July of 2008. The state also said, "If a company is managing construction services (coordinating subcontractors), then it too must have a license, as well as the company doing the work."
It's important to point out that SEA did not require a state license when they winterized the home of James Pitts' late mother because it was prior to the contractors licensing board being established.

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