Family Of 4-Year-Old Killed By Stray Bullet Questions 911 Response 3-05-2010 - CBS46 News

Family Of 4-Year-Old Killed By Stray Bullet Questions 911 Response 3-05-2010

By Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Atlanta Reporter
DECATUR, Ga.The family of 4-year-old Marquel Peters who was struck and killed by a stray bullet while in church is upset about how the 911 call was handled. They're talking for the first time to CBS Atlanta about their concerns, and the internal investigation launched into the 911 call response.
“Unless it's happened to you, you really can't imagine,” said uncle Garry Peters.
Peters has chosen to stay quiet about his concerns until now.
“We didn't want to put it out there and give anyone a black eye,” said Peters.
But he does want to know if something went wrong the night his young nephew was killed. It's been more than two months since Marquel was hit by a bullet that came through the church ceiling during a New Year’s service.
“I saw my sister with Marquel and her hand, with blood just shooting out of his head,” said Peters.
Peters said he knew it was a gunshot, but the first responders were slow to respond, and didn't believe him.
“He looked up and said, ‘Oh, a bolt fell and hit him on the head.’ You know, didn't take any pulse, no vital signs, nothing, like they didn't care,” said Peters.
CBS Atlanta News has learned the first responders were employees of Care Ambulance, a private company contracted by DeKalb County. DeKalb County officials confirm two employees who responded to the church have been fired. Peters says DeKalb County was no better. They transported Marquel to the hospital.
“I got there in a car quicker than they did, so there was no sense of urgency. My sister said, cause she was in the ambulance, there was no lights, no sirens,” said Peters.
DeKalb County told CBS Atlanta it didn't use them because the patient was alert, and said there wasn't any traffic.
“At least show up with a sense of urgency, a kid got shot, act like it's an emergency and maybe the result would have been different, we don't know,” said Peters.
Peters told CBS Atlanta he plans to meet with DeKalb County officials next week to get an update on the internal investigation.
CBS Atlanta has requested interviews with DeKalb County officials. They said they will answer questions when all the paperwork is together.

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