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State Investigates SEA Subcontractors 3-08-2010

By Adam Murphy, CBS Atlanta Consumer Investigator
ATLANTAJeri Fendler is the latest Atlanta resident to complain about the quality of workmanship performed by Southeast Energy Assistance.
"I was getting government help and I think that's why they get away with what they get away with," said Fendler.
Fendler said Southeast Energy Assistance winterized her home a few years ago. She said they blew insulation into her walls and then used wooden plugs to patch up the outside of her home after the work was complete. Fendler said the work performed was sub par and now there are wooden plugs covering the outside of her home.
"I saw a receipt that they were billing the government for $3,100 plus and he grabbed it before I could see the rest of it. I saw that invoice and that's what they were going to charge the government to insulate that little house of mine," said Fendler.
CBS Atlanta News first told you March 1 how SEA is not licensed by the state, even though they're doing contracting work. We also obtained a list of their subcontractors and the state is now investigating whether their subcontractors are operating without a license as well.
"I'm thankful for what I got, but I think they're taking advantage," said Fendler.
CBS Atlanta News spoke with the executive director of SEA Lila Blake and she said Fendler signed off on the work. Blake also said their winterization program is not about cosmetics, it's about conserving energy. Lastly, SEA provided CBS Atlanta News with a list of license numbers for all of their subcontractors.

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