Local Company Installs Â?ArmorÂ? To Protect Air Conditioners 8-14-2010 - CBS46 News

Local Company Installs Â?ArmorÂ? To Protect Air Conditioners 8-14-2010

By Mike Paluska, CBS Atlanta Reporter
EAST POINT, Ga.The owner of AC Armor, based out of East Point, said homeowners and businesses are terrified of losing thousands of dollars in AC units because of crooks stealing copper.
One stolen AC unit might yield $50 to $60 in copper.
“The business owner is out thousands of dollars for replacement costs. So any type of prevention to deter a thief from stealing the unit or vandalizing is going to be a benefit to the homeowner or the company,” Burton Phillips, owner of AC Armor. “Once they find out how much a thief gets for the copper or the stolen unit it is almost sickening.”
On Friday, Clayton County police said they arrested two men on accusations of stealing air-conditioning units. The units were stolen from the Highland Vista apartments in Jonesboro.
“Ten seconds. They only did two, three cuts,” said maintenance worker Jeremie Morgan.
The men didn't get far. Police were serving a warrant nearby when they said they saw a truck leaving the apartments with nine A/C units in the back.
Apartment management told CBS Atlanta about 100 AC units have been stolen in the last month or so. Twenty were taken Thursday. Its crimes like this, Phillips said, leads to an increase in sales.
“Since last year our business is up substantially, about 40 percent,” said Phillips. “Thieves are not going to be as likely to steal a unit that is protected if right next door there are AC units without any of our armor.”
The company offers three different types of protection. For more information you can check out their website.

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