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Beware Of Bad Contractors 12-09-2010

By Tony McNary, CBS Atlanta Reporter
BUFORD, Ga.Elanda Pelliccia said her biggest fear is that she and her husband will hire a bad contractor to fix their home.
Pelliccia's home was destroyed when a tornado touched down in their Buford neighborhood, last week.
"The early estimates are near $90,000," said Edwin Pelliccia
Now, like many of the neighbors, they have to rebuild.
They are worried about getting a bad contractor.
It's something they have already experienced.
"Day one, you see people coming putting magnets on the door, 'I'm a roofer, I'm a contractor.' You ask for insurance, 'Oh, don't worry about that, we'll get it to you later.' It's a lot of that going around," said Edwin Pelliccia.
To learn how not to get scammed, they attended a workshop put on by the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud.
"If it is work that requires a state contractor's license, make sure that the person performing the work has the state contractor's license," said attorney Kevin Veler.
"Do not give all the money up front," said Phae Howard.
Howard said that's one of the most important things homeowners should remember.
Howard said homeowners should do some homework and research contractors before you hire one.

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