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Employees Fired For Calling Out During Snowstorm 1-14-2011

By Mike Paluska, CBS Atlanta Reporter
ATLANTASome workers contacted CBS Atlanta News, outraged they were fired because they couldn’t make it to work during this week’s severe weather.
One employee, who told us he worked for a security company, claimed he tried to get to work but ended up driving off the road into a ditch.
And the viewer e-mails have been coming in.
One viewer asked, “Since the state of Georgia was declared in a state of emergency… should my job force me to use my sick time for the days it was impossible to make it to work?”
We took her question to an employees rights attorney, Amanda Farahany.
“Depending on the companies policy, that is what the employee will have to adhere to,” said Farahany.
Some viewers told CBS Atlanta News they were fired. But since Georgia is an at will state, Farahany said there is not much they can do to get their job back.
“Many other states have protections for employees in many situations including this situation. But, Georgia has not passed any laws to protect employees and they really should,” said Farahany. “When the governor has declared it a state of emergency, when people’s lives are at risk, when they go out people should not be fired because they can’t get to work.”
Farahany’s advice to anyone who is fired is to apply for unemployment compensation. Also, employees should make sure they are actually getting fired because they couldn’t make it in to work. Not for something else, like discrimination.
One company told CBS Atlanta News they did fire some of their employees because they claimed they couldn’t make it to work. The company said they felt as if those workers lied and were just trying to make up an excuse to get out of work.
Other states do have laws protecting workers from getting the boot because of severe weather.

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