Atlantans With Egyptian Ties Excited About Country's Future 2-12-2011 - CBS46 News

Atlantans With Egyptian Ties Excited About Country's Future 2-12-2011

by Bernard Watson, CBS Atlanta Reporter
ROSWELL, Ga.After days and weeks of worrying, Maria Habib said she can finally breathe again. Hosni Mubark has stepped down and she said her family and friends are safe.
"Eighteen days worth of very hard work, a lot of deaths and a lot of injuries but the people of Egypt finally came through and Mubarak isn't there anymore. The uprising was a success," said Habib.
Habib was born in Egypt and grew up in Atlanta, but she remains close to family members that were in the middle of the chaos during the uprising.
"During the protest they spoke about how they were really scared. There were no police protecting them, prisoners were loose, they would hear gunshots and they were scared to leave their home," said Habib.
The military is now in control of Egypt and it has promised to ensure democratic change. Many Egyptians are praising the military for the job it's done. Habib said her family has a special connection to Egypts armed forces.
"My grandfather was in the military and served several years under Mubarak. He is no longer with us but I am very proud that he was in the military. It has kind of come through and helped the Egyptian people," said Habib.
Habib said Mubarak's resignation has lifted the black cloud from over Egypt. The middle eastern nation is poised to embark on a future, that she believes, is brighter than its past.
"Muslims and Christians can work together. They all have a voice and they will hopefully have a more prosperous Egypt, a more prosperous life," said Habib.

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