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Clogged drains cause flooding on Atlanta roads

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Heavy rain and clogged storm drains caused some roads to flood in Atlanta on Wednesday. 

One driver got their car stuck in flood water at the ramp to Freedom Parkway in the city.

"Why wasn't the storm drain on Freedom Parkway cleared before the storm?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Adam Murphy. 

"Actually they had been out this week and cleaned it, but some debris washed down the hill once again and covered that grate," said GDOT Spokesperson Mark McKinnon.

McKinnon told CBS Atlanta News that state crews clean clogged storm drains about twice a week on metro Atlanta highways. 

"You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that workers find in these drains. We've found basketballs and we've found tires that help to clog things up if they're left on the side of the road," said McKinnon. 

This week's flooding caused a traffic nightmare for some Atlanta drivers.

"Every time it rains the streets flood and cars get stuck," said motorist Clover James.

"I just think in general Atlanta has bad drainage. I've lived in other major cities and I've never seen the amount of flooding in other cities that I see in Atlanta," said motorist Yusef Alexander.

GDOT said four crews were sent out to clean clogged drains on Thursday. 

"If people won't litter that will help us a lot because a large percentage of our drain clogging is due to litter," said McKinnon.

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