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The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress- Orlando, FL

You do it. Admit it. We all do it. While we are truly, truly thankful for our jobs during this Recession, and God bless our co-workers and all that… but you know we all secretly have that one screensaver on our work desktops – you know the one, the serene beach scene, with palm trees swaying ever-so-gently in the tropical breeze.  While we may differ slightly in the hammock, beach chair or fruity beverage-of-choice department … we all have that one daily inspiration in common: the place we'd rather be.

Well, I recently had the fortunate experience of jumping into my personal screensaver (a la Mary Poppins in a bikini) – and visiting the oasis known as the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. Now, don't let the fact that it happens to be located in the center of all things commercial (Orlando), sway you from experiencing those swaying palm trees. This place is beyond incredible.

Modeled after the Hyatt property in Hawaii, that's exactly what this location feels like. You know how most "destination" resorts just swear you won't want to leave the property?  Well, after visiting many such resorts, this one is one of the few that lives up to that promise.  Fifteen-hundred private acres, a private 21-acre LAKE (yes, they have their own lake. Just in case you'd like to go sailing - and I often do), an 800-gallon lagoon pool with waterfalls and slides. (But not the icky kind you find at water parks – you know, the ones that make you want to take a bath in Purell when you're done?)

And that's just the beginning. While you'll likely find me happily camped out in one of their beachside hammocks or poolside chaise lounge, if you're in one of those active moods, you won't be disappointed either. Take advantage of on-site activities including 45 holes of Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf, a racquet club, the lake's many water sports, including sailing, the Audubon Nature Walk, Camp Hyatt children's programs, they even have surreys, for heaven's sakes!

And when your outdoor napping becomes indoor napping – the rooms are just as heavenly as the tropical oasis outside. All rooms were recently updated in a mega-cool tropical-Florida-modern style. All I know is the AC was kickin', and the bed was seriously sinkable. Seriously. Very tough to get up once horizontal. Even the lobby is exquisite – with a Japanese garden theme, water features, even a baby grand piano. You know, in case the mood strikes.

When you've aloe'd over your daily sunburn, head on downstairs for dinner. The restaurants are world-class. There are six signature restaurants to choose from, with cuisine ranging from delectable seafood to fresh sushi, even a sumptuous American-style buffet breakfast daily.  A Florida girl at heart, we checked out ‘Hemingway's' – and let me tell you, they got the Key West theme right, down to the last detail.  Hemingway fans will enjoy the memorabilia, from photos to cigars. Just don't expect to find any six-toed cats here.

And oh yes, my Hyatt hosts would be upset if I didn't mention that the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is in fact located just a few minutes away from all the big Orlando attractions: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and more. But you'll find me happily snoozing near a waterfall in my favorite hammock, my tropical screensaver come-to-life.

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