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Dog shot twice in head and dumped in garbage survives, owner arrested

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An 8-year-old chow-mix named Cindy is recovering after cops say her owner shot her twice in the head.

DeKalb County police say Christopher Woods shot the dog because she went to the bathroom inside his house. 

Police have charged Woods with felony aggravated animal abuse.

"She was you know terrible when she came in," said Scott Zimmerman with the Dearborn Animal Hospital.

Veterinarians can't believe the dog named Cindy recovered so well, so fast.

"It entered over here you can see the scars," said one of Cindy's caretakers.

Police said Woods shot his dog twice in her head before stuffing her in a plastic bag and dumping the animal in a garbage bin.

That's when two joggers running along Ponce De Leon Avenue heard the dog whimpering, so they called police.

"How lucky is this dog to survive this?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Steve Kiggins

"Very. Had the folks who heard her crying not found her, I don't think she would have lasted a few hours," replied Doctor Linda Ellington.

Ellington has been a vet for over twenty years; she's never seen a case quite like this.

"I don't know that I've seen one survive two gunshots to the head, so she's lucky," said Ellington.

Ellington says Cindy has almost fully recovered and might be able to go to a new home someday soon.

"She just has such a winning personality and I don't think you can work in an animal hospital if you don't have a heart that goes out to those that are not taken well care of," said Ellington. "When you have a trauma case whether it's intentional or accidental, through their pain and injuries, looks up at you, wags her tail and licks you, our hearts just melt."

The Dearborn Animal Hospital has covered the costs for the dog's medical care -- which vets say is quite expensive. If you'd like to help, you can make a donation on their website.

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