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Dog nearly decapitated inspires organization to save more animals

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The man who rescued a dog that was nearly decapitated is making sure other animals don't suffer.

Shane Smith has formed "Paws for Hope and Faith" in memory of the dog he named Hope. The organization's goal is to spread the message of the importance of helping animals. They want to help local animals shelters raise money to save neglected or abused pets. The organization also plans to honor extraordinary animals, and people dedicated to saving animals.

Smith rescued Hope from the pound. He said when she walked up to him, he noticed that her neck and trachea were severed. Smith, part of an animal rescue group called Save-A-Pet, rushed Hope to the Caldwell Veterinary Clinic, where she underwent emergency surgery. Nineteen days after Smith rescued Hope she died due to breathing complications.

Hope's story touched thousands of people. Smith wants to ensure she has a legacy.

Smith said the mission of "Paws for Hope and Faith" is to make sure all shelters are no-kill shelters and to prevent animal abuse. He said he wants people to honor Hope's courage and people's dedication to prevent animal abuse every year between the days of Oct. 11 and 17. Smith wants people to raise money for their local shelters and volunteer their time to those shelters.

He said the organization will present 19 awards (to honor the 19 days Hope survived after she was rescued) to celebrated extraordinary animals and people who have devoted themselves to sharing Hope's message. Smith said that messages is, "All of God's creatures deserve to be recognized, honored and protected."

Monterion Dionte Davis, 19, was arrested for allegedly tying Hope to a tree out in the woods in Forsyth with an electrical cord. That electrical cord nearly decapitated Hope.

Davis faces one felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals. His case goes before the grand jury in the fall.

If you'd like to check out the facebook page dedicated to Hope and Shane Smith's cause, click here.

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