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R&B girl group described as "next Destiny's Child" perform in Atlanta this weekend

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You may have never heard of Lianda, Salina, and Haben Abraham, but the trio known as the EriAm Sisters is hoping to soon change that.

The Seattle-based R&B/pop girl group is in Atlanta this weekend trying to get their name out there during a showcase on Sunday.

Although the girls have been singing together for years, their careers got their first big kick start upon making it to the semi-finals on the 2009 season of America's Got Talent. 

 "It was definitely a lot of fun, we never thought we'd get that far," said 14-year-old Haben, the group's youngest member.

It was there that judge Piers Morgan described the group as "the next Destiny's Child." Lianda, the group's oldest member at 18, remembers the feeling. "That was pretty intense, and hearing that from Piers Morgan - the one who's supposed to be really mean - but he turned out to be my favorite."

The EriAm Sisters say their appearance may be reminiscent of the group that spawned superstar Beyonce, but they promise they have something different to offer to the music world.

Part of that uniqueness is their cultural background.  Their heritage as Eritrean-Americans actually inspired their name, EriAm.

Since their appearance on AGT, the girls have been traveling the country and even touring internationally to pursue their music career. Middle sister Salina, 16, says that can be taxing at times.

"It's a lot when you're traveling with someone and you're stuck with the same people for two straight weeks, but you know it's fun at the same time. And we've learned since we're sisters, what personality this person is. If she's mad, let her be and then you just get over it," she explained.

While in Atlanta the girls will be filming the music video for their recently released single, "I Want You Back", a cover of the classic Jackson 5 hit. But the girls also write and record their own original music. Big sister Lianda credits the baby of the family with huge talent in that department. 

"We all work on it together but Haben especially, I don't know what is up with that girl but she thinks of lyrics that are so emotional and deep that you'd have to have real life experience to be able to make up these words… and she just pulls them out of nowhere! She makes beautiful songs."

Haben wrote the girls song "Diary" which was a radio-hit in some markets in the country. But EriAm hopes their showcase in Atlanta this Sunday will help get the attention of some local industry professionals, and lead them towards national recognition.

The EriAm Sisters also invite their fans to join them this Sunday, Sept. 25 from 3-6 p.m. at The Bass-Mint on Chattahoochee Avenue in Atlanta: RSVP here.

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