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Occupy Wall Street protests come to Atlanta

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Several hundred people gathered in a downtown Atlanta park, joining anti-Wall Street protesters nationwide. The unstructured Occupy Atlanta group in Woodruff Park voiced opposition to corporate greed, the war in Afghanistan and a collection of other differences.

Occupy Atlanta began protesting Friday night.

About 200 people attended the event. U.S. Congressman John Lewis even stopped by for about half an hour.

Several demonstrators held signs showing their frustration with Washington's relationship with big business. Many people voiced general frustration. One woman said she was there for changes for animals. Another attendee said he didn't think either party represented his feelings.

Congressman Lewis (D, GA) was ready to talk to the group, but they didn't give him a chance to speak.

"I was going to say, I stand with you. I support you, what you're down," said Lewis to the media.

He said he wasn't disappointed he wasn't able to address the crowd. Several people CBS Atlanta spoke to were upset.

Michelle Williams was excited to attend the event and no longer wanted to be associated with the movement, citing how Lewis was treated.

"I am angry because this is not what democracy is all about. This is Marxist more Stalin like. Your movement, you're just riff-raff. You're an organized mob," said Williams.

Atlanta police were at the park, but the event was peaceful.

On the Occupy Atlanta website it reads:

"We are the 99 percent. We will no longer remain silent. Have your voice heard at the next Atlanta General Assembly. We are in solidarity with our fellow citizens at Occupy Wall Street and are planning occupation in Atlanta. Join us."

In the latest Wall Street protest, thousands of people filled lower Manhattan's Foley Square on Wednesday and then marched to Zuccotti Park.

Police said about 28 arrests were made, mostly for disorderly conduct. One person was arrested for assaulting an officer; police said the officer was pushed off his scooter.

The protestors have varied causes but have spoken largely about unemployment and economic inequality, reserving most of their criticism for Wall Street.

Protestors have been camping in Zucotti Park since Sept. 17.

Hundreds of people have been arrested since the protests began.

YouTube videos show protestors being pepper sprayed and beaten by police.

It is unclear what caused police to take those measures.

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