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Tough Questions after bullet hits man's car

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An Atlanta father shot at while heading home from work wants to know why Atlanta police did not take the bullet out of his car for evidence or ask him for a description of the shooters.

CBS Atlanta News talked to that father, Alcide Honore as he showed the big hole a bullet left in the trunk of his car.

"I mean I felt it," said Honore.  "I felt bullets hitting the car."

It happened last Thursday around 6:30 in the evening in broad daylight.

Honore was on his way home from work. When he turned off Boulevard onto Rankin Street in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, Honore said two men who were standing on the corner started shooting at him.

"It was a pretty frightening experience because I have absolutely no idea who these people are," said Honore.

Honore said as bullets flew around his car as he drove past his house because he didn't want to put his wife and young daughter in danger.

"I didn't know what these guys were doing," said Honore. "If they were trying to rob me, carjack me or what."

Honore believes he was caught in the crossfire when the gunmen were shooting at a white Chevy Impala that was in front of him.

One of the stray bullets also flew inside his neighbor's home. According to reports, police found that bullet and put it in evidence.

Honore is upset about the situation and the way Atlanta police handled it.

"One comment from a responding officer that really kind of bothered me was, 'Well this isn't CSI,'" Honore told CBS Atlanta.

Honore said officers didn't take the bullet out of his trunk or ask him for a description of the shooters.

"It seemed like nobody wanted to be the person to take the report. They were more concerned about dodging the report than investigating what took place," said Honore.

For his family's safety, Honore plans to do what it takes to find and get these criminals off the streets.
"We're going to see to it that something gets done about the situation. It's not acceptable," said Honore.

A spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department said the department is taking this case seriously. They have increased patrols in the area and encourage anyone with information about the shooters to call Zone 5 CID at (404) 658-6636.

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