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Will Frampton

Some broadcasters spend an entire career without having the fortune of working in their hometown.  For Will Frampton, that ceased being an issue when he joined CBS46 in September of 2011.

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Born at Northside Hospital, raised in Buckhead, a graduate of Pace Academy, and a die hard Braves fan, Frampton is an Atlanta native, through and through.  He's thrilled to be in a place where his outbound and returning flights are to Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Not to say he isn't extraordinarily thankful to have worked in amazing places along the way.  Before Atlanta, Frampton spent three and a half years reporting and anchoring at the ABC station in Sacramento, California.  There, he covered wildfires, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the massive and ongoing California budget deficit, the battle over gay marriage rights, and the saga of Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping and recovery.

Before that, he was at CBS in Columbia, South Carolina for three years.  During that time, he spent two weeks in Kabul, Afghanistan in December of 2007, embedded with the South Carolina National Guard.  Frampton shot 14 hours of video, sent back regular stories via satellite, reported live from Camp Eggers in downtown Kabul, and produced an Emmy Award-winning 48-minute documentary when he returned to the states.

His career began in 2003, at the CBS station in Terre Haute, Indiana, after graduating with an English degree from Erskine College in South Carolina.

Besides living and dying with each Braves victory and defeat, Frampton also spends his free time playing guitar, and traveling to see friends across the country.  He's lucky to be the son of two of the greatest parents any kid could ask for, Mac and Nancy Frampton, and has a tremendously talented brother Eric, who has played keyboard and toured with some of the biggest acts in pop music.

His biggest joy and pride comes every day from his wife and daughter, easily and by far the brightest and most beautiful points in his life.

Frampton shoots and edits his own video, and loves to tell a great story.  Whether it's on jobs and the economy, the film industry, health care, travel and transportation, or anything else, he wants to hear from you if you have an idea for a good story.

E-mail him at will.frampton@cbs46.com