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Georgia lawmakers want to drug test welfare recipients

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Two Georgia lawmakers want the state to start drug testing people who get temporary state benefits.

Georgia State Sen. John Albers is pushing the proposed legislation.

In October a federal judge halted Florida's program saying that laws such as this proposed legislation violated people's rights. 

Despite that fact Albers, of Roswell, wants to attempt it here in Georgia. The proposed legislation would require people who receive temporary emergency funds to pass a drug test. Albers says this is a good proposal, but not everyone agrees.

"I've already reviewed the briefs in Florida, and that was only one judge" says Senator Albers.

This proposal already has community leaders outraged.

"It's a waste of time, it's a waste of the manpower and a waste of brains," said reverend Richard Cobble of the concerned black clergy of Atlanta.

Rev. Cobble says this is clearly a waste of taxpayer time, and the lawmakers should be ashamed. 

"What they ought to be concerned about is jobs and building this economy so that everybody will have an equal chance," said rev. Cobble.

Cobble says lawmakers haven't offered a stitch of proof that people receiving these benefits are drug addicts. And until then he says Georgia should move on.

Late Friday Debbie Seagraves of the ACLU echoes Rev. Cobble telling CBS Atlanta that there is no evidence that of drug abuse amongst emergency benefits. Seagraves adds that this appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to assist fewer Georgians.

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