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Occupy Atlanta fights family's looming eviction

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Occupy Atlanta protesters continued occupying a Snellville family's home Tuesday as the family braced for eviction.

"You  have millions of homes unoccupied but millions of families on the street...The solution is that this really needs to be managed a lot better," said David Lane, one of the protesters.

"It addresses the immediate need of millions of Americans out there that don't know where to turn," added protester Latron Price.

Protesters placed signs and tents in the front yard of the Rorey family's home. The homeowners said when they tried to refinance, the bank instead foreclosed.

It was unknown when Gwinnett County Sheriff's deputies would arrive but a department spokeswoman said Tuesday morning the department did not have that address on file for Tuesday.

More than 20 Occupy Atlanta protesters took their fight to a Snellville neighborhood to shine a light on what they call wrongful foreclosures and to fight for the homeowner's rights.

"The banks got bailed out, what happened to the homeowner? What happened to the rest of us? It's just not fair," said Price.

Leah Simmons, a neighbor, welcomed the protesters and hoped her neighbors will keep their home.

"They're fighting for us; your mother, sister, cousin, they're fighting for us," said Simmons.

Some protesters planned on phoning the judge who signed off on the eviction to try to change his or her mind.

Some also said they were willing to get arrested.

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