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Douglas County Pearl Harbor survivor remembers World War II

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Hundreds of people lit up the night in Douglasville to honor their many veterans and military service members for Veterans Day.

A Pearl Harbor survivor who rode in Friday's parade wants young people to always remember the sacrifice of their neighbors.

Mothers, fathers, children and even a few soldiers lined Campbellton Street, waving flags.

"To always remember and always think about our veterans," said Blaine Arnold.

Bouquets of red roses represented 48 Douglas County soldiers who died in action all around the globe.

And 92-year-old Leonard Santangelo rides shotgun on the historic Marietta Trolley with the best view around. He's a retired army corporal - and he survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

"I got down to the chow line and we heard the explosions in the air," said Santangelo. "We were absolutely helpless, first thing they did was knocked out the communication."

But Leonard and a hand full of his fellow soldiers were able to shoot down three planes that day.

"We lost 15 men that were in the barracks. That's the part that bothered me a lot, these men died without knowing why, because they were sleeping and it was Sunday," he said.

"Santangelo hopes his story lives on - and his Douglas County neighbors will never forget the sacrifice of war.

"You feel bad, you know? I can't forget it,"added Leonard. "Freedom is not cheap, it does cost lives."

Even though he's 92 years old, Leonard is still very active - he even makes the rounds at local churches and schools to share his amazing story.

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