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Occupy Atlanta to confront police over treatment of homeless

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Occupy Atlanta has set its sights on homelessness in Atlanta.

On Sunday night, Occupy Atlanta spent the night on the Central Ave. Ledge in, what they said, was solidarity with the homeless.

Capitol Police are planning to evict the people who have been sleeping on the ledge that backs up to Georgia Plaza Park at Central Ave. between MLK and Mitchell St. on Monday.

Occupy Atlanta said they will stand with the homeless when and if police forcibly remove them from the ledge and the grates that blow heat from under the ground

"Occupy Atlanta realizes this is an epidemic that has gone under the radar. It is a socioeconomic systematic injustice that has crippled our society," said Lad'ie Mansfield, with Occupy Atlanta.

Sunday. Occupy Atlanta teamed up with some local lawmakers and civil rights activist to speak out against the treatment of the homeless.

"The Capitol Police talked last week and said that they wanted everybody out by Sunday night, and by Monday morning they want everybody gone," said Mike, who is homeless.

"The forcible removal of the homeless is a continuation of Atlanta's inhumane strategy to deal with human beings that have fallen on hard times," said Mansfield.

"It's a bad situation all around. The United Way came out a couple of days ago and was trying to place people, but I don't even think they have the wherewithal to place everyone out here on the wall," said Mike.

"We have public officials who look down from these high offices on these people here, who are here every day, and are more concerned with embarrassment than the people they ought to be serving," said State Sen. Vincent Fort, (D) District 39.

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