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911 call released in child stabbing, Atlanta police shooting

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Atlanta police released a 911 call from a man who was afraid for the lives of his niece and nephew after their mother began to act erratically.

"My sister is in some frame of mind. She threw my nephew out the window and he said she choked her daughter out. She's proclaiming she's God and, 'I'll bring them back if I take them out,' is what I'm hearing."

According to Atlanta police, officers found Carulus Hines, 40, stabbing her daughter, Nalecia, at a home in northwest Atlanta Monday afternoon.

An autopsy performed by the Fulton County Medical Examiner found that the 4-year-old girl died of asphyxiation and stab wounds, not police gunfire. According to police, two officers fired between 10 to 16 shots at Hines to get her to stop.

The officers arrived at the home after Hines' neighbor, Joe Daniel, called police. Daniel told CBS Atlanta that he called police because Hines' 8-year-old son came to him, asking for help.  According to police, the boy said his mother had choked him and threw him out a window.

"He was upset, talking about, 'My momma down there. I hope she don't kill my little sister,'" Daniel said.

Daniel vividly recalled the chaotic scene that unfolded as he and his friend tried to calm the little boy. He said the boy told him that he loved his little sister, and his mother was choking her as she threw him out the window.

When police entered Hines' home, they saw her stabbing Nalecia. They ordered her to stop, but she refused.

The medical examiner said Hines died from multiple gunshot wounds to her torso and legs, and all but one of the wounds was at or below her waist.

Initially, a police spokesperson said they believed that Nalecia was already dead when the officers began firing at Hines. Wednesday's autopsy report confirmed Nalecia wasn't hit by the officers' gunfire.

Hines' friends and neighbors told CBS Atlanta that she had hit a serious rough patch in her life.  She couldn't pay her bills and was recently homeless, and she was struggling to provide for daughter and son.

Those that knew Hines said they believed all those factors could have been too much for her to handle, causing her to snap.

CBS Atlanta News crews witnessed heavy-hearted family members gathering the belongings of Hines and her children on Tuesday.  The family did not want to discuss the situation.

According to Hines' landlord, Hines had not paid rent in months.

Atlanta police wouldn't say if Hines was mentally unstable, but Daniel, who had known her since she moved in next door, said he saw the signs.

"She come down this street here walking with her eyes closed, talking about her daddy told her to walk with her eyes closed, talking about the devil trying to kill her," Daniel said.

But Daniel said no one thought it would come to this. 

Pastor Jarius Dorsey of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church told CBS Atlanta he was stunned. Hines periodically attended his church and he said he had no idea she and her family were in any kind of trouble.

"The signs were not there, the signs were not there," Dorsey said.

Dorsey said his concern was now is for Hines' son, who lived through the attack.

"Our prayers are with the family," Dorsey said. "You never know what people are going through. That's why it's important to try and interact with people."

Atlanta homicide detectives plan to re-interview neighbors in an effort to determine exactly what happened Monday.  The boy was treated for minor injuries and is currently in protective custody.

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