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New tenant recommendations announced for Atlanta airport

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The city of Atlanta wants to make big bucks from new shops and restaurants it wants to add to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The city's procurement and aviation departments has recommended adding 150 new businesses. City officials said the new restaurants and retail shops would generate $51 million annually for the city. But getting support for the recommendation has proven to be difficult. The first round of proposals was rejected in September after Atlanta officials said too many lacked required documentation to back up their bids.

Wednesday members of the city's transportation committee, which must approve the recommendations before they can be implemented, went toe to toe with each other over the selection process.

"I still have many many questions about what has taken place, the information that has been presented to us today and how this process has gone along," said Michael Julian Bond, an Atlanta city councilman.

"I have sat through many processes where people have not been happy and unfortunately that is the bottom line in business, there will always be winners and always be losers," said Atlanta city councilman H. Lamar Willis.

Despite the objections of Bond and councilwoman Felicia Moore, the recommendations were approved 4-2.

The decision could impact outlets at more than 125 locations throughout the sprawling airport and the jobs of some 1,500 existing workers. It also includes concessions for the airport's new international terminal, which is set to open next year.

Airport travelers are now one step closer to having more choices.

"When you come in here and you have three hours to wait to get on an airplane, there needs to be some variety," said Ross Clark, a airline passenger.

The recommendation is scheduled to be considered by the entire city council in January.

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