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Woman finds syringe in sweater from Cartersville Walmart

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Another woman has stepped forward saying she found a syringe in a sweater she bought as a holiday gift at the Walmart in Cartersville.

It's the tenth syringe that has been found in merchandise from the store since the Black Friday shopping weekend.

This time, Teresa Chappell was the customer who found the syringe in her purchase.  She found it when it fell out of a sweater that she was wrapping up as a Christmas present.

Chappell said it scared her half to death when the syringe fell just feet away from her grandson, Jayden.

"We looked down and saw a syringe laying down on the carpet," she said.

Chappell said she bought the sweater over Black Friday weekend - the same weekend that Patricia Headrick found a syringe at the Cartersville Walmart while shopping for bras.

CBS Atlanta talked to Headrick after she was stuck with the needle accidentally when she reached into a bag.

"Whose arm was this in?" Headrick asked.  "Whose body? Was this a used needle? Am I going to die?"

Chappell said the same thoughts ran through her head.

"I had heard we were the tenth ones," she said.  "There are thousands of people that shop at Walmart.  Why is it us in such a freaky situation?"

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab has tested at least three of the syringes and all have come back as negative for any types of disease.

Investigators haven't been able to find any identifiable fingerprints on any of the syringes, either.

If you have any information about the mysterious syringes, call Crime Stoppers at 770-606-TIPS. 

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