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Mother has Tough Questions for Walmart after needles are found in children’s clothing

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More shoppers are coming forward saying they, too, found syringes in clothing at the Cartersville Walmart.

One family says they're lucky their child didn't get stuck when a needle fell out of a bag of children's clothing.   

Now they have tough questions for Walmart - are they doing enough to keep you safe?

Nearly a dozen cases have been reported at the Cartersville Walmart in just a matter of a few weeks.

"We haven't been there in months and we go in the first time we go in there and come home right here after Christmas and we find it," said the Melissa Vancott.

Melissa and her family are just the latest shoppers to find syringes in clothing.

"We were also concerned our 2-year-old girl would get stuck," continued Vancott. "She's always taking caps off of thingsa nd putting things in her mouth and so we were glad there was a cap on it."

Two shoppers have even been pricked by the needles - stoking fears that someday, someone could get sick.

A spokeswoman for Walmart says it has hired "additional associates to review video as well as to monitor the floor - and they're physically inspecting apparel items on a daily basis."

But Vancott wonders if that's enough.

"They seem to find shoplifters all the time, but they can't find someone who's putting needles in people's clothes or toys?"asked Vancott.

"Are you ever going back?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Steve Kiggins.

"I like to say I'm going back, but after this happened I'm kind of scared of going back," said Vancott. "If I do go back, I won't be purchasing any clothing items."

The Bartow County Sheriff's office asks anyone with information to call police.

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