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Attorney gives advice on how to avoid bad contractors

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"You're really never going to catch these guys," Veler said.

Attorney Kevin Veler is referring to contractors like Adam Nevius. He contacted CBS Atlanta news after watching our reports on the Flowery Branch contractor.

He wanted to make sure people knew that Nevius' business called Turfmaster Lawn and Landscape Management is not registered with the Secretary of State's office.

"If someone is coming to your door, if somebody is dropping things off in your mailbox, be aware. That's probably where you are going to probably get scammed," Veler said.

The Hatcher family said that's exactly what happened to them. They found out about Nevius after he left a business card next to their mailbox. About $60,000 later, they say the upgrades to their home have not been completed.

"What is the state doing to prevent contractors like this from coming in and taking advantage of people in the state of Georgia?" asked CBS Atlanta Reporter Adam Murphy.

"The honest truth is I don't think they're doing much at all. I would like to see a lot more consumer friendly regulation and activity in this area," Veler said.

Veler recommends you do several things before hiring a contractor. Look them up online, ask for multiple references, check county records for outstanding judgments.

"Spend $30 and do a background search on the company and on the individual if it's an individual company, but on a big company like Home Depot you're not going to do a background search because they are properly state licensed," Veler said.

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