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BBQ restaurant owner apologizes for blasting customer online

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A metro Atlanta woman had a bone to pick with a local barbecue restaurant in town after dining out over the weekend.

"I just merely commented and just gave a review based on my experience and the response to that has been astonishing," said Stuck.

Stephanie Stuck never thought she'd be thrust into the spotlight for writing an online review about her dining experience at Boners BBQ in Atlanta. 

"I was basically completely dismissed and worse than dismissed I was treated as if I was a worthless human being for having that opinion," said Stuck.

Stuck said the food was tepid, but it's what the owner of the restaurant said hours later that has stirred up the pot. 

Boners BBQ made a comment on their Facebook page which said "NOT WANTED! (Stephanie S.) left waitress 0.00 tip on a $40 tab after she received a Scoutmob discount.  If you see this woman in your restaurant tell her to go outside…" then Boners Owner made a vulgar insult using profanity.

"To put me up as an object of ridicule for that is probably the best example of how not to run a business," said Stuck.

Stuck insists she left a cash tip for more than $7. Meanwhile, the owner of Boners has taken the negative post down and posted an apology on Facebook that has received more than 100 comments.

"I still think that a 10 percent tip is the minimum price of admission for going to a restaurant," said Stuck.

CBS Atlanta News spoke with the owner of the restaurant over the phone and he apologized for his behavior and said he made a bad decision and went too far. 

He also said he's been overworked and overstressed with a slew of people not leaving tips and he got caught up in the heat of the moment.  

Boners BBQ owner said he is willing to refund Stuck her money or close down the restaurant just for her and serve her a proper meal.

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