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Great-grandmother attacked by dogs fights back with kitchen knife

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A DeKalb County great-grandmother said she was attacked by her neighbor's two American bulldogs Wednesday afternoon. 

Margie Hunt said she had to use a kitchen knife to save her life.

Hunt checked out of the hospital late Wednesday and said she was still shaken by the attack. She described how she managed to fight of the dogs. 

"I was going up the hill here, and they just came charging out, and I had a knife in my hand, and that's the only thing I had to protect myself," Hunt said.

Hunt, 71, said she went outside to check her mailbox when she was violently attacked in her front yard. 

"I really didn't want him to knock me down, that's why I was swinging at him. I really didn't want to hurt the dog and I didn't want to get hurt either," Hunt said.

Hunt said one of the dogs bit her on her chest. She said the animals were not on a leash.

"I am afraid of the dogs," Hunt said.

Hunt called the dogs vicious and said they've chased other family members in the past.

Dog owner Matthew Shulman denied his animals were dangerous. He said the dogs are still puppies and wanted to play with Hunt, not attack her.

One of Shulman's dogs is being treated for his injuries.

"He's got two slash marks, one over the eye and nose," Shulman said.

Shulman said he's sorry his neighbor was hurt, but he claimed his dog is the victim.

"The lady next door obviously doesn't like animals. She came out the house with the knife ready," Shulman said. 

"I just want to be protected to at least go to the mailbox," Hunt said.

A judge will determine whether Shulman will get to keep the dogs.

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