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Hospital responds to patient sexually assaulted by nurse

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Grady Health System said the nurse convicted of sexually assaulting a patient was not an employee.

Denise Simpson, a spokeswoman for Grady issued this statement:

"Joseph Anthony Taylor was never an employee of Grady Health System. He was an adjunct faculty member with Atlanta Technical College under a contract the health system had with that institution. Immediately after the incident was reported, Mr. Taylor was removed from the hospital and prohibited from any further activities at Grady."

When CBS Atlanta asked about Taylor's duties at the hospital and procedures in place to keep something like a sexual assault on a patient from happening, Simpson issued this statement:

"Mr. Taylor was an Adjunct Professor with Atlanta Technical College, whose responsibility included supervising students from his school while on Grady's campus. Grady has strenuous policies dealing with patient safety. Mr. Taylor was immediately removed from the premises when the incident was reported to us.

Grady applies the same stringent standards to our employees and contractors in regards to quality of care and security. If we determine those standards are not adhered to by a contractor or employee, Grady will immediately remove that individual. We continuously monitor all of our contractors to insure they are in compliance with our policies."

Imagine going into the hospital for an emergency surgery and when you start to wake up, you feel someone kissing and fondling you.

That's what an Atlanta man said happened to him in 2007. He asked us not to reveal his identity because he is a sexual assault victim.

"It hurts because I don't tell my son the truth about it. Being a man, it's embarrassing."

We will call him William. In 2007, William had an emergency surgery at Grady Hospital. When he started to wake up after the surgery, something didn't feel right.

"I was laying there and I could just remember being touched. Being felt on my arms, my leg and my inner thighs. I had been with nurses for a couple of days and none of this had went on during the whole time. That's what woke me up because it was strange," said William.

William said he woke up to a nurse sexually assaulting him.

"When I opened eyes, he was still kissing me and had one hand on my leg."

William was still groggy and in pain from the surgery, but he knew he was in a bad situation.

"I was in fear at that point. I didn't want nobody to give me medicine, no drugs or anything else. At that point, I didn't trust anyone," said William.

William said he grabbed his phone, fought though the pain from the surgery and went inside the bathroom. He called his mother and told her to bring the police.

They arrived about 30 minutes later. He told them what happened.

"They took Q-tips and swabbed for DNA. It came back just like I said. He was kissing exactly where I said. It came back as a match to him," said Williams.

Police arrested 48-year-old Joseph Anthony Taylor and charged him with sexual assault, sexual battery and sexual assault against a person in custody.

Taylor was in court last week and plead guilty to the charges. He has not been sentenced.

"When you go to a hospital you put your trust in everybody there. For somebody to do something like that, it makes you mad," said William.

William has a Tough Question for officials at Grady Hospital.

"I would love for them to explain to me, how did they let that happen?"

 William and his attorney Eston Hood said they want to make sure something like this does not happen to anyone else.

"There is an obvious violation that took place at Grady Hospital. It's alarming to anybody who goes into a hospital that this type of incident can happen. Our goal is to make sure it doesn't happen again. We just want to make sure justice is served," said Hood.

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