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Two Atlanta teachers accused of cheating resign after mandatory meeting

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Two educators resigned Friday after mandatory meetings between Atlanta Public Schools, attorneys and educators accused of cheating on a standardized test.

Sixty educators have until Monday to decide whether they will resign or begin the firing process.

"If they do not resign, they will be sent a letter saying that they're being charged with A, B, C and D and you have a right to a hearing," said Mel Goldstein, who represents 13 of the educators.

The deadline is the latest move by the school district to move the process along and get the teachers off the payroll. The school system is currently shelling out $600,000 per month to 120 educators who have been off the job since last summer.   

Attorney Nick Dumich thinks these latest meetings are a way to cut down on the number of hearings.

"This gives them an opportunity to basically get rid of or eliminate some of the cases that would otherwise take up a lot of time. Plus the teachers would be paid through the hearing process,"  Dumich said.

Attorneys for some of the teachers told CBS Atlanta News that the teachers received an email Wednesday advising them of the mandatory meetings. It said failure to attend could result in termination.

"All were accused of cheating one way or another," Goldstein said.

He said he wants the chance for a hearing for his clients, and so does attorney Gerald Griggs. Both said their clients were falsely accused.

"I understand APS's position, but I also understand that everybody's entitled to their day in court," Griggs said. "Everybody's entitled to actual evidence and proof, and in this case, there's no proof."

A state investigation found that nearly 180 APS educators cheated or changed answers on standardized tests in 2009. At that time they were placed on administrative leave.

"They're looking forward to their day in court," Griggs said of his clients.

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