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NanoKnife Fact Sheet

• The NanoKnife® IRE System is the first commercial treatment tool to use irreversible electroporation.

• Irreversible electroporation, or IRE, causes cell death in soft-tissue. It does this by opening permanent, nanosized pores in the membranes of cells in the ablation zone. This irreversible damage causes cell death, while critical and often delicate nearby structures such as ducts and blood vessels remain viable.

• The NanoKnife® IRE System has been commercially available since September 2009.In the United States, the NanoKnife® IRE System has been cleared by the FDA for use in the surgical ablation of soft tissue and physicians at centers in the United States and abroad are actively using it for this purpose.

• Electrode probes are positioned in or around the lesion. At least ninety short electrical pulses, each approximately less than 100 microseconds, are sent between the probes. The energy delivery portion of the procedure is normally completed in just a few minutes and cell death in the ablation zone is detected within minutes.

• The treated area begins to heal shortly after the procedure. The body's normal healing response produces cells that surround and remove the dead cells from the region.

• Recent studies123456 show that blood vessels, ducts, and other delicate anatomical structures near the ablation zone remain viable, making IRE a compelling tool for difficult-to-treat parts of the body. This expands the treatment options available for patients who are not candidates for surgery due to the location which requires treatment.

• After a procedure with the NanoKnife® IRE System, CT and ultrasound imaging reveal mostly normal soft tissue, with little evidence of the lesion, or the IRE treatment.

• The NanoKnife® IRE System offers an effective and safe treatment alternative to existing therapies. For example, unlike cryoablation or radiofrequency ablation, which both use thermal energy to destroy tissue; IRE does not expose tissue to extreme cold or heat.

• IRE treatment using the NanoKnife® IRE System can be done minimally invasive or surgically, and is performed under general anesthesia with ultrasound or CT guidance. The treatment planning software provides a calculation of the tissue volume and shape that will fall within the ablation zone.

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