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Mitt Romney looks to take Ga. delegates

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Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Georgia ahead of Super Tuesday.

He attended a pancake breakfast at Brookwood High School in Snellville on Sunday. More people attended than could fit in the cafeteria.

Sherry Romaine from Lilburn was one of those who got inside. She said she's torn between Romney and Gingrich.

"I had really good feelings about him [Romney], but I really like Newt Gingrich," said Romaine.

There is not a runaway frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination. CBS Atlanta's Katie Brace sat down with Romney to find out why he isn't connecting with more voters.

"I am really pleased that I won the last five contests," said Romney.

Recent polls give Newt Gingrich the lead in Georgia. Gingrich has campaigned on his $2.50/gallon gas plan.

Romney said he'd work to lower gas prices.

"Predicting a precise gasoline price is even something the economists won't try to do," said Romney. "We need to take advantage of drilling in our country including from Canada with the Keystone Pipeline. These things will take the shock out."

Romney kept to his campaign message of creating jobs. He also tackled questions about how he would handle Syria.

"We should do everything in our power other than taking military action to reject Asad," said Romney.

Romney wore his trademark jeans and painted himself as a Washington outsider. He said he would get things done in Washington by building relationships across the aisle.

To get there Romney, said his goal for Super Tuesday is not necessarily to win Georgia, but pick up as many delegates as he can.

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