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Pediatric Hospice

The goal of pediatric hospice care is to enhance the quality of life for the child and family members.  In 2000, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a recommendation that palliative care for children should be provided for any life-threatening condition from the point of diagnosis, whether death is the prognosis or not, as the benefits of palliative care can be offered concurrently with curative treatment.  Harbor Grace Hospice is proud to be the only hospice providing Pediatric Hospice Services in all 20 counties that we serve.

When a child becomes seriously ill, a family can find itself with overwhelming challenges ahead.  During the course of a child's incurable disease, the focus usually shifts to pursuing care that will allow the child to live every remaining moment in comfortable surroundings with family nearby.  Choosing Palliative (or comfort) care for your child is one of the most difficult decisions that a parent can make.  Harbor Grace Hospice can help you accompany your child through the final phase of life with love and reassurance, by increasing comfort and reducing stress levels in the child's environment.

Harbor Grace Hospice's interdisciplinary team specializes in palliative care at home or in our own 22-bed inpatient facility, depending on the child's specific needs and the family's desires.  Another unique feature of hospice is that the care plan is tailored to each individual patient.  We will work with you, other family members and your child's physician in order to achieve peace and comfort during your child's last days, weeks, months or years.   

There is no greater loss than the death of a child.  When your child dies, the natural order of life seems overturned.  You may feel like you've lost all control.  In the midst of this devastating experience, there are things that you can control, such as how openly and honestly you share medical care decision making process with your child, the memories you create for your family, the primary role you assume in your child's care and where and how your child's final days will be spent.  Don't go it alone.  Harbor Grace Hospice, friends, family, your church, licensed therapists, bereavement counselors, grief support groups and other community organizations can assist and comfort you as you care for your child or mourn his or her death.