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Family offers reward to catch gunman who killed horse

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A Douglas County family is offering a $500 reward for whoever shot and killed their horse in broad daylight. 

The Palomino, named Junior, was 29 years old and known by all in the Brookmont Parkway area of Douglasville.

"He was a family member," said Cindy Hall, choking back tears. "He was harmless and probably came to the fence thinking he was going to get petted or get a treat."

A school bus full of children passing by noticed the horse laying dead near a tree in the family's pasture in early December.

Months later, the family wants answers.

"Why? Who would shoot a horse?" asked Doug Hall. "It makes no sense.  Horses hurt nobody."

Investigators with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said they have recovered the bullet used but have no other leads on who's responsible.

Another horse, Shadow, shared the pasture with Junior.  The family says Shadow is just now starting to eat again.  They moved him to a nearby stable, fearing for his safety if the shooter returned.

The family said putting up a reward is difficult in this economy but worth it if it helps solve the case.

"I want to find out who did this.  I want them convicted," said Doug Hall.  "Because someone that's sick and twisted enough to shoot a horse could do this to a human being very easily."  

Anyone with information on the horse killing is asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

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