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Ex-UGA professor, CNN executive caught placing dog feces in mailbox

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A neighborhood argument ended with a stinky stunt that left one man facing a $180 fine.

The prankster admitted to police that he shoved a plastic bag filled with dog feces into his neighbor's mailbox. But he's not just any neighbor - he was once an instructor at the University of Georgia and he was also a high-ranking executive at CNN.

Bob Furnad walked his dog right past his neighbor's driveway last weekend and that's when he placed a plastic bag full of dog feces inside his neighbor's mailbox. But Furnad didn't count on getting caught red-handed on surveillance video.

"What's the argument about?" asked CBS Atlanta News reporter Steve Kiggins to Benjamin Dameron, Furnad's neighbor.

"I have no idea, no clue," replied Dameron.

Neighbors Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller can't understand why their neighbor would do such a thing.

"We were working, getting ready for a wedding and we were out on the driveway," explained Dameron. "We thought, well, we're this close, we'll check the mail box to see if the mail's come."

"Something had come," said Kiggins.

"Something had, a package," said Miller.

"It doesn't happen very often," said Capt. Kem Malcom with the Covington Police Department. "In this situation the victims actually had video. "

You can see on the video a pooch stroll past the Worthington Manor in Covington, where Dameron and Miller live. Only moments later, Furnad walked up to the mail box, stuffed something inside and walked away.

"Mr. Furnad stated that he did place a bag containing dog feces in the victim's mail box," Malcom said.

"Did he say why?" asked Kiggins.

"He said an ongoing feud between the two individuals,"explained Malcom.

But Furnad isn't just any neighbor - his LinkedIn webpage said he used to teach at the University of Georgia and that he was an executive with CNN.

CBS Atlanta tried to reach Furnad at his nearby house, but nobody was home.

 Dameron and Miller said they're ready to move past the silly but disgusting prank.

"Have you had a chance to talk to Mr. Furnad?" asked Kiggins.

"Oh no, I don't see a reason to, that's just silly," replied Dameron.

The neighbors agreed to settle the issue at a local court in Covington. They're lucky the United States postal inspector wasn't tipped off since mailbox vandalism carries serious fines and possibly jail time.

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