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KKK group aims to adopt highway for litter

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KKK rally in Alabama KKK rally in Alabama

The International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan want to be a part of Georgia's Adopt-A-Highway program.

That is where organizations volunteer to clean litter from certain stretches of road in the state.

In the application submitted by Klan member April Chambers, it states they want to adopt the road on Highway 515 from Foster Road to Amy's Cove Road.

"All we want to do is keep our mountain beautiful," Chambers said. "That's all we ever wanted and that is what we are doing it for."

Chambers would not talk to CBS Atlanta's Mike Paluska on camera, but did agree to a phone interview.

"We are not doing this for political gain, we are not doing this for recruitment," Chambers said. "We love the white race. Why is that so hard for people to understand? But we don't hate anybody."

If the application is accepted, the KKK would have a road sign drivers would see before they enter that stretch of road. 

It would read, "IKK Realm of GA, Ku Klux Klan."

"Are you serious? They want to do that?" asked Blairsville resident Derek Davis.

Davis did not know that the KKK was going through the process to adopt the road in his community.

"I am pretty upset about it," Davis said. "I don't want my kids having to see it. I don't want to see it or go back to those times, it is not right at all. It is mind blowing to me they would take an application to do that, it's ludicrous."

But resident Halley Wright is OK with the KKK cleaning her road. 

"I would be OK with it. As long as they kept it clean and picked up trash in the community," Wright said. "Everybody has their own beliefs. I don't see why they should be put down for theirs."

According to the application, six members would pick up litter in June, September and November. 

"Now, it is just the principle of it. Why can't we adopt a piece of highway just like anyone else? It sounds like discrimination," Chambers said.

The Attorney General's Office met with member of the Georgia Department of Transportation. At this point, a representative with GDOT said they are still reviewing the application the same way they review all of their applications.

If the application for the KKK is approved, Davis said he will fight to get it removed.

"I would be more than ready to start a petition to get it taken down in heartbeat."

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