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Jury awards Paulding County family $5 million in wrongful death suit

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Dylan Turner Dylan Turner
Zach Williamson Zach Williamson
Zach Williamson Zach Williamson

Mark and Rene Williamson lost the love of their lives nearly two years ago.  

"You aren't supposed to bury your children and I don't want anyone to go through what we did," Mark Williamson said.

Their son Zach was killed in a car crash on Old Cartersville Road in Paulding County on August 14, 2010.      

"I always pray and I think about him taking his last breath right there," Williamson said.

Zach was ejected from a friends car when Dylan Turner crossed the center line in his red dodge neon causing a head on collision. Turner was under the influence of marijuana.

"Life is about choices and obviously Dylan didn't make a good choice that day, getting behind the wheel while he was on drugs. It cost us our son's life," Williamson said.

A jury awarded the Williamson family more than $5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. Plus, Turner was sentenced to 15 years.

"The first thing we asked the jury to do was recognize the value of Zach's life. Folks thought, 'I wonder if Paulding County, a conservative county, will really include a large amount of money in their verdict for this man's life,' and the answer was, yes they did," Attorney Lance Cooper said.

The family says the settlement does provide some justice, but will never replace their son. 

"No, it doesn't replace your son. It wasn't ever about money, it was about making people aware and making sure the boy who caused this is well aware we're going to do everything we can to not let it happen again," Williamson said.

The Williamson family said they are trying to forgive Turner, but it's something that will take some time. 

"We miss him dearly and we love him. We'll always love him," Williamson said.

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