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Donald Faison: 'I wish I could be the king of relationships'

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Donald Faison is best known as Dr. Turk on Scrubs and his hilarious role as Murray in the movie Clueless.

He now stars in TV Land's The Exes as Phil Chase, a divorced ladies' man who shares a bachelor pad with two other divorced men.

Their apartment just so happens to be owned by their divorce attorney, who lives across the hall.

Faison talked about the upcoming season in an interview with – and denied that he had any experience as a ladies' man to draw on in playing his character.

"I wish I could say I was a ladies' man, but in real life the fact that I'm an actor was my game," said Faison.

The Exes is filmed in front of a live audience, but Faison said that doesn't make him nervous because he considers himself a ham. He's always on the lookout for an audience, anyway.

"Put me in a room with people and I will probably do something for attention," he said.

Faison said doing the show hasn't really helped him learn anything about relationships, but then, nothing else has, either.

"I don't think you can learn anything about relationships as far as trying to figure a spouse out," said Faison. "I wish it would be that easy, I wish I could be the king of relationships."

Faison said he wishes he could successfully navigate a relationship without problems – he proposed to his fiancé Cacee Cobb in August of 2011, but the couple hasn't tied the knot just yet.

"I'm sure if I knew a little more about relationships and how they work, I'm sure we would have handled this already," said Faison.

Faison joked about dragging his feet when it comes to getting married, and even though he said he didn't want to talk about relationships anymore because he might get into trouble with his fiancé, he couldn't resist one final question. 

"What advice would you give newly divorced men?"

"What advice would I give? Congratulations," he said, laughing.

The Exes' Season 2 is set to premiere on June 20, 2012, at 10:30 p.m.

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