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Asbestos debris at high school worries parents

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A construction project at a local school has upset neighbors. They said workers at the Dunwoody High School renovation didn't properly dispose of asbestos - and they're worried for their children's health.

The problem is the dumpster. The Environmental Protection Agency told CBS Atlanta News it's supposed to be secured with a fence surrounding it so nobody can gain access to the debris.

"What is it you're doing this afternoon?" asked CBS Atlanta News reporter Steve Kiggins. 

"That's none of your business," replied an unidentified contractor.

"It actually is my business," answered Kiggins.

Workers with Kidd and Associates Environmental Contractors dodged Tough Questions after a concerned neighbor said hazardous materials weren't properly handled.

"Obviously they need to get rid of the asbestos from the school and there's OSHA regulations and ways to do it properly," said concerned neighbor Joe Hirsch. "It doesn't appear that's what they're doing."

Hirsch snapped photographs of contractors throwing away construction debris into a dumpster at Dunwoody high in DeKalb County. Renovations at the school are almost complete, but the way asbestos floor tiles are being handled worries Hirsch.

"You can see them just taking shovel-fulls and throwing the debris on top of the dumpster, and it's just blowing around," Hirsch said.

The dumpster sits in the high school parking lot right next to where a school bus drops children off after day camp.

"I'm not an expert on asbestos but I do know there should be some sort of warning label, there's children playing here," Hirsch said.

Early Tuesday afternoon there weren't any warning labels on the dumpster, but around 7 p.m. red tape magically appeared - so we asked the contractors Tough Questions.

"It's not asbestos, sir. It's just floor tiles," asserted the unidentified contractor.

"The school district says it's asbestos," replied Kiggins.

"It's just floor tile," replied the contractor.

"You're saying it's not asbestos?" asked Kiggins.

"It can be asbestos, but it's not a high quality," said the contractor.

"You just told me it wasn't asbestos. So you tell me, are you lying or is the school district?" asked Kiggins

The contractor didn't respond.

The school district said their tests show there's no asbestos danger, but the EPA will be back on site Wednesday to continue their investigation.

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