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Georgia Tech robbery victim makes criminals apologize

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Domnique Newallo is one of the five students a pair of criminals tried rob near Georgia Tech's campus on June 22.

Newallo was walking home from class around noon when it happened to her.

"He pulls a gun to my face and says, 'you know what it is.' He cocked it back and then I had my book bag on my left shoulder and my cell phone in my right hand," Newallo said.

It was hot outside and Newallo said she was not having a good day, so she got angry.

"I said. 'Excuse me? Hold on, hold on hold. Excuse me?' I just got confused and immediately got angry. I took my phone and sat it down, took my book bag and sat it down and said, 'Hold on excuse me.' I just kept on saying it because I couldn't believe it," Newallo said.

Newallo said the robbers couldn't believe she was challenging them.

"He puts the gun down and he hands it to the guy. He says, 'Ma'am I'm sorry, I'm just trying to provide for my daughter.' I'm just like I don't give an 'F'," Newallo said. "How dare you say you're trying to provide for someone else. Go get a job. Seriously go get a job."

The robbers ran off empty-handed. Atlanta police said the pair then robbed four other people around Georgia Tech that day.

Police released surveillance video of a man they said used one of the victim's credit cards at a gas station near Tech's campus.

Newallo hopes police nab the criminals soon so students like her will have peace of mind while going to and from class.

"I feel for the regular students. I'm a mother, I work and I go to school."

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