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Dog saves Covington family from house fire

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Lola the dog Lola the dog

Violent lightning storms struck one metro family's home while they slept inside, but one special family member leaped into action saving everyone inside - it was the family dog.

"She took up here eight years ago - my stepdaughter named her Lonely Lola because she'd stand away from us," homeowner Tammy Fouts explained. "I'm not letting her go anywhere because she saved my life, I believe that. "

Fouts and her 7-year-old grandson Dylan barely escaped a raging fire last week when their home was struck by lightning. Lola, the family dog, woke up and rushed to alert her owner.

"She wasn't gonna give it up that night, I tried to doze back off she kept nudging," Fouts said. "I woke up and looked out this is where the embers, this is where it started."

Lola didn't just save Fouts - her actions also gave Fouts time to rescue her grandson and run out of the house.

Scorched framing and broken windows are all that's left of the place the Fouts have called home for 15 years, and they had just finished paying off the mortgage on the home.

"The very morning this fire began we had took money from a 401k to pay it off a year early - that night it burned down," Fouts said.

Fire officials said the damage to the house is more than $100,000, but thanks to Lola nobody got hurt.

"How are you going to thank her?" asked CBS Atlanta News reporter Steve Kiggins.

"We already did. We cooked her a rack of ribs," Fouts said, laughing.

The Fouts are living nearby at a family member's home while they wait for the insurance company to cut a check so they can start rebuilding.

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