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Douglasville police end chase with PIT maneuver

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A wild police chase early Wednesday morning ended with cops forcing suspected burglars off the road where they flipped their car, foiling the crime.

It all started at Sound Proof Car Stereo in Douglasville and the suspected crooks led police on a 13-mile long chase.

One of the owners at Sound Proof believes the original target was the liquor store in the parking lot next door, but since that business is secured with a steel door - the suspects then decided to smash their way in to the car stereo shop.

Police said they smashed their way through the glass door, but it wasn't an easy job.

One of the burglars took a rock and threw it not once, not twice, but more than a dozen times at the door, but it's not just any glass. The owners installed high-grade hurricane windows to keep bricks and crooks outside.

Finally the burglar gives up on the rock and starts to kick the glass instead. And after nearly three minutes, he's inside.

He pays no attention to the 10 security cameras that are capturing his every move.

Instead the crook smashes his brick into two glass display cases and grabs all the radios he can get his hands on. Then he and his partner take off.

But the security system had already alerted police and a Douglasville police officer got to the store just as the burglars were jumping into a car with two other men. The four led police on a 13-mile-long chase through the county, and it was all caught on dash-cam video.

Police chased them all the way from Douglas Boulevard in Douglasville, to Factory Shoals Road and Six Flags Road.

At one point, the suspect's car sped down the wrong side of the road but just minutes later police performed a text-book PIT maneuver, ending the chase.

The suspect's car spun, hit the curb and flipped before landing on its roof.

Two suspects took off on foot eluding capture, but police did arrest 17-year-old Leon Jones of Atlanta, and 19-year-old Walter Starr from Riverdale.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the two remaining suspects who are still at large.

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