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Pike County employees believe courthouse renovations are causing them to get sick

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Construction workers hammered out improvements to the Pike County courthouse Tuesday, but employees working inside have identified one major problem.

"I have had some issues, some respiratory infections," Courthouse Employee Sandy Caldwell said.

Caldwell wears a mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

"Am I concerned about my health? Absolutely, anybody that works in an environment where there's a lot of dust would be," Caldwell said.

Caldwell isn't the only one complaining about the working conditions inside the courthouse.

"It's not pleasant to not be able to hear the phone when it rings from all the noise and all the dust particles flying around and not being able to access certain parts of the building," Jackson said.

Courthouse employees also said construction workers blocked the only handicap access ramp into the building with their heavy scaffolding.

So CBS Atlanta News took these issues to the county manager and asked him the tough questions.

"Why not move these employees to another building?" CBS Atlanta News Reporter Adam Murphy asked. 

"We just don't have the space, that's why we are renovating the courthouse and adding on to the back of the building so that there will be more space for these folks," Phillips said.

"Is there a problem with Asbestos in the building?" Murphy asked. 

"Not at this point, there is some asbestos underneath the floor, but the floor area has been protected and all and it's not being removed in anyway," Phillips said.

"Why do you all have the handicap ramp blocked with scaffolding?" Murphy asked.

"I was over there yesterday and the stairs were blocked, but the ramp was open. It might be on occasion where it might be blocked while they're bringing in equipment or something like that," Phillips said.

The county manager told CBS Atlanta News he'll be keeping an eye on the conditions at the courthouse, but he has no plans to move employees to another location while construction is going on. He did say the renovations should be complete by the end of the year. 

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