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Teacher brings brown recluse spider to school, student bitten

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Injuries suffered by Diandra Jones' daughter Injuries suffered by Diandra Jones' daughter

It was a case of show-and-tell gone wrong after a Fulton County elementary school teacher brought a poisonous spider to show her students - and one student was bitten.

Diandra Jones told CBS Atlanta News that her child fell victim to the spider two years ago at Brookview Elementary School. That spider was a brown recluse. 

Jones said the day her daughter was bitten, she told her teacher, who ignored the complaint.

It wasn't even until later that evening that Jones realized something was wrong with her daughter. That's when she collapsed.

At the time, the girl's prognosis was dire.

"The doctor (said) it's a fifty-fifty chance that she will pull through and a fifty-fifty chance she won't," Jones said.

Jones filed a lawsuit over the situation because she claims not only did the teacher initially fail to do anything about the spider bite, but school administrators have ignored her phone calls and letters over the incident.

"There is nobody suffering here but my children," Jones said. "This lady still has her job, the principal still has her job, everything still goes on and everything is still fine and dandy in their households."

CBS Atlanta News contacted the Fulton County School District, but a spokesperson wouldn't comment on the case, citing the district's policy not to comment on pending litigation. 

However, that same spokesperson told CBS Atlanta News that the district does not have policy preventing teachers from bring poisonous animals into their classrooms.

While Jones' daughter survived the bite, she now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Jones said she wants the teacher and the Fulton County School District to stop sweeping what happened to her child under the rug.

"If a parent sends a child to school with a bruise you gonna report it, but why wouldn't you report this to the Division of Family and Children Services?" Jones questioned.

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