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Community helps family of quadruple amputee

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South Gwinnett High School held its football season opener on Friday. Many in the crowd were also rooting for one of their teachers and his wife. A fundraiser was held for Hannah Rinehart.

"I know what it's like to need help and prayers and that's why I donated," Monica Harris said.

Harris has never met the Rineharts, but she knows their story. Mark Rinehart is a teacher at the high school and a member of the Army National Guard. His wife, Hannah, survived cancer. Over the summer she got an infection and doctors amputated both of her feet and hands to keep her alive. She is still heavily sedated in the hospital.

"I've got students coming up to me who don't know me. I don't know them. And, they're shaking my hand saying 'Mr. Rinehart I'm praying for you,'" Mark Rinehart said.

Mark Rinehart went back to work two weeks ago to save his days off for when Hannah comes home. His colleagues offered to donate their time off to him, but the school system's policy does not allow it.

"You've always got frustrations. You've got to deal with them and right now this is one of them," Mark Rinehart said.

The group "Operation Appreciation" organized the fundraiser. They sold raffle tickets for a camera and T-shirts that said "Hope for Hannah." The organization helps National Guardsmen like Mark. The money will help the Rineharts pay bills and enable Mark to spend more time with his wife.

The fundraiser raised $2,500. Everyone's support is not just giving hope for Hannah Rinehart, it's giving hope to Mark.

"I've got a family here and they've been very supportive," Mark Rinehart said.

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