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At Emory University, experts try new approach to treating fetal alcohol syndrome

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Health experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation last week that every child be screened for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is believed that nearly one in every three women drink while they're pregnant, and experts at Emory University have started a new approach to the treatment of those babies born with FAS.

"If I had to give advice to anyone, I would say do not drink," said Dr. Claire Coles.

She helps run the program at Emory that sees 300 FAS children each year. Her department's new approach to treating the condition involves helping kids develop plans for action, then helping them stick to those plans.

Part of the new treatment method involves a video game to help re-enforce the lessons.

"No one has ever done it before," said Coles, speaking of her department's new approach. "The reason is because no one has cared to pay attention to (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). No one has funded studies in this area."

A recent study by several health experts in Denmark indicates that pregnant women may safely consume small to moderate amounts of alcohol. Coles said she disagrees with the findings.

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